The “LEAFAGE” in the brand name of NP&LEAFAGE represents the ecological environment, and also expresses the brand philosophy of NP&LEAFAGE. We know we are indebted to nature. We should do our best to make this world more beautiful. We are also committed to sourcing ethically mined and environmentally certified gemstones and pearls to ensure products are sourced to sustainable standards.


The design style of NP&LEAFAGE focuses on simplicity, elegance and modernity. Our designers give full play to their creativity, combining tradition and fashion elements, inspired by the beauty of nature and the unique character of human beings. Each piece of jewelry is carefully designed and crafted from carefully selected high-quality materials. Our attention to detail and quality ensures each piece fits the wearer’s personality and style.


NP&LEAFAGE is not only a jewelry brand, but also a symbol of a lifestyle. We hope that through our jewelry creations, we will inspire people to discover their own beauty and uniqueness with courage and confidence. We believe everyone has the right to pursue their dreams and transform them into their own jewelry story.

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